Turrets haiku by Noni #writephoto

Decorative bricks ~
Pointing skyward, defensive ~
Towers of power

Thanks to Sue Vincent for the Thursday’s photo prompt.




I’m grateful for FaceTime!

My granddaughter called to chat. She is getting so grown up. I think this was the first lengthy two-way conversation. 💗



Gratitude Journaling


I am grateful for FaceBook.

I’m one who prefers to type than to wrote with pen and paper, so I am starting a “gratitude journal” using FB posts and WP blogs and photos.

Feel free to use the hashtag and join the fun! #GratitudeJournalEntry


What now?

Today I need to focus on learning more about WordPress and start adding my photos here too.

So stay tuned and keep checking.


@RuthEK aka @nonisnotes

Disappearing Act

Where have you gone?

What have I done?

Please tell me my offense

In case I have a defense

Or a word of apology for

Unknowingly hurting thee.

As my tears drip

From my eyes

I feel the rip

In my heart

Where you once occupied space.

I miss you

No other can take your place.

16 May 2018 @RuthEK